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Business is changing at a pace faster than ever, and anyone who sticks to conventional sales approaches will be left way behind. In these evolving times, adapt and execute. So, what are you waiting for? Audio book is now out on Audible …click buy book now, below.

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About Author

James Hayden is one of the people who was destined to be in sales. As a child, he loved selling anything door-to-door and won many contests and prizes as a result. He also enjoyed attending Zig Ziglar and Tom Hopkins seminars with his mother; it was time when he began polishing his sales communication skills.

The learnings that Hayden secured in his early years turned him into a sales expert by the time he was an adult. As an adult, he evolved, kept learning, and enjoyed tremendous success selling everything from giftware to multi-million-dollar technology consulting to mobile applications; the product or service did not matter.

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Adapt or DIE

Technological advancement and transformative processes are changing the world, so what keeps you wondering that it wouldn’t change the ways of business? Sales are the backbone/ lifeblood of any successful enterprise, and if you don’t know your way around it, you will be left behind.
One may find thousands of books sitting on bookshelves, promising them groundbreaking tips on running a successful business. But ask yourself this: Has anyone or any book assisted you to excel in the art and science of selling? Probably not.


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