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James Hayden

James Hayden was destined to be in sales. His interest in sales took root when he was a child, and he found a thrill in selling anything door-to-door. With his growing love for sales, James enjoyed attending Zig Ziglar and Tom Hopkins seminars with his mother; it was when he refined his communication skills.

A Compelling Journey of Triumph

The learnings that Hayden secured in his early years turned him into a sales expert by the time he was an adult. He tried his luck with everything he managed to get his hands on and enjoyed tremendous success selling everything, from giftware and multi-million-dollar technology consulting to mobile applications.

An Inspiring Tale of Success 

Hayden’s most significant triumphs followed him after seventeen years in the business. It was through trial and error after discovering the sales approach that Hal Thorsvig taught.

After that, an uphill journey began for James as he revamped the sales teams, developed new markets, and built new revenue streams. In a competitive landscape like sales, James produced astounding results for more than 50 companies while other sales experts struggled to keep up.

A Perfect Handbook for Excelling Sales

Despite his impeccable brilliance with the art of selling, one thing kept him from reaching his true potential. James struggled to convey his mantra for excelling in sales to others. Here’s when Hal Thorsvig suggested James write a book.

It was the beginning of something that would take him from being an unconscious sales expert to a conscious sales guru. His dedication to turning around sales and helping others reach their true potential with skyrocketing revenues made him a leader, advisor, and market developer across Fortune 500 and startup companies.

The James Hayden’s Success Story Continues

James serves as a multi-company advisor to US companies, the governments of New Zealand, and several Central American Governments and an advisor/consultant to over 40 companies, including Microsoft and Oracle. He also served as a Western Washington University Leadership Institute board member.

When he is not writing or selling, James loves climbing mountains, practicing yoga, and spending time with his family.